Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hong Kong Part 1

Day 1
Arrived at the airport at 5:20 pm after a 4-hour flight.  Took the 24-min MTR to the city, then a cab to one Brighton Hotel on Lockhart Street in Wanchai.  The tiny 27-floor hotel was so new that the cab driver missed it the first time around. He drove right past it to one Broadway Hotel which was next to the first halal restaurant on sight.  A happy mistake.  We had our first dinner there.  Lamb biryani.

Day 2
Excellent weather.  Walked Daddy to Hong Kong Convention Center where the 8th World Congress on Engineering Asset Mangement & 3rd International Conference on Utility Management and Safety was being held.  Daddy was presenting his paper in the afternoon session, and wanted to sit in the early keynote speeches.

From the HKCC, I was on foot and on my own, to simply explore and kill time.  Went to Hennessy, Johnston and O'brien Road.  I must have passed at least 3 different Watson stores before stumbling upon a wet market, not much unlike the Pasar Besar Ipoh, on a smaller scale.

Daddy pesan, "kalau sesat, cari Wanchai MTR station." Tak sesat pun...

Walked past many bakeries, including one Mark and Spencer Food Store, offering tantalizing goodies, but I couldn't make myself buy anything with no halal sign.  By 11 am, I'm back in the hotel room, munching on energy bars which we brought from home, fighting for energy and concentration to start (yes, start) grading my students' STPM mock exam papers. And yes, I brought those papers from home too. *sigh.

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